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About Us

Zoilife Corporation is the brain child of Lilia Vovk (that’s me), Pharmacist and Prior-Owner of Margis Pharmacy and Organics in Toronto Canada. This 100 year old Pharmacy was under my ownership from February 2002 till January 2011. In the fall of 2005 I decided to put to use both my knowledge of traditional pharmaceuticals as well as herbal remedies and nutrition to help my patients with more then simply trying to control their illnesses with chemicals. By providing a complete approach to health care I am able to ensure that each patient not only heals their body but also that by changing their daily routines, they help prevent further illnesses from developing and or control their current conditions. It is this focus on treatment that I continue to pursue through Zoilife where customers may feel free to contact me anytime via email to recieve answers to their health care questions.

All too often patients follow the advice of contemporary medicine to the exclusion of herbal remedies and nutrition relying solely on pharmaceutical grade medicine to heal their bodies. On the other side, one can find naturopaths, herbalists and nutritionists who advise their patients to turn their back completely on the world of medicine and rely solely on naturopathic remedies. To be certain, in both cases the patient’s needs are underserved and the advice may be a detriment to their long term health.

Here at the goal is to provide our customers with a way of life that maintains a balance between traditional medicine and healthy living. More importantly you will be able to receive advice not only on what supplements and herbal products will help with your particular condition but also how those products might interact with current prescribed medications that you may be taking. Very few pharmacists and even fewer naturopaths can offer such insight because to do so requires not only knowledge of a particular product but also knowledge of the chemical compounds that make up that product. Here at we have this knowledge.

Over the coming months we will be updating each of our products to include descriptive information about how to use that product and what circumstances it is best suited for. In addition, customers may visit our Product Advisor
section to get advice on what products may be suitable depending on answers to a series of questions. In addition, our Blog section provides you with articles and updated news to help you build a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Finally, should you be unable to find answers to your questions on our site please feel free to Contact Us and we will endeavor to get back to you with 48 business hours.


Liliya Vovk

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