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Parasites are organisms that live on, or in the body of another organism. Parasites which live inside the human body will feed off our cells and nutrients we consume. Parasites fall into two major groups: worms and protozoa. Protozoa are single-celled organisms which are microscopic in size. Worms are multi-celled and come in all sizes from threadworms (measuring less than 1 cm), to tapewarms (which can be up to 12 meters in length). Regardles of type of parasite they all cause major demage to the body. Parasite problem do not only occur in third world countries or to those who have travelled extensively. Studies indicate that as many as 85% of North Americans have at least one form of arasite and some authorities believe that the true figure may be as high as 95%. In fact, Centre for Disease Control (CDC) considers parasites their number one health risk. Symptoms of parasites: Diarrhea Constipation Gas Bloating Cramps Persistant skin problems Dark circles under the eyes Lack of energy Teeth grinding Sugar cravings Apetite problems (decreased or increased) Rectal itching Pain in the belly-botton region Brain fog Granulomas

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